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【Notice】Reservation for "Hayatoku-21" concerning the suspension of Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen (As of May 26th) Notice

*All dates and time below are in Japan Standard Time.

Thank you for using Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service.

* From June 1st, all the regular "NOZOMI" trains will be operating normally. Please note that the notice below will be applied until boarding date of May 31st.

Due to the extension of state of emergency, we have made substantial changes to the Shinkansen operation plan after May 11th.

Since there will be suspension to some "NOZOMI" trains, members cannot use "Hayatoku-21" for sections between Tokyo/Shinagawa and Tokuyama/Shin-Yamaguchi (excluding trains below).

(*) "Hayatoku-21" can be reserved for following trains.
- West-bound
NOZOMI 79 (Departing Shinagawa at 6:00 AM, Arriving Tokuyama at 10:01 AM)
NOZOMI 3 (Departing Tokyo at 6:15 AM, Arriving Shin-Yamaguchi at 10:33 AM)
NOZOMI 43 (Departing Tokyo at 3:09 PM, Arriving Tokuyama at 7:21 PM)
- East-bound
NOZOMI 2 (Departing Tokuyama at 6:59 AM, Arriving Tokyo at 11:15 AM)

Applicable trains for "Hayatoku-21" may be limited for other sections.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

■ Unusable period
・From boarding date of May 11th to May 31st

For members that have already reserved "Hayatoku-21" for trains that will be suspended after May 11th and cannot process the change by your own operation, please contact Tokaido Sanyo Shnkansen Internet Reservation Service Customer Center without changing your reservation.