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Make Reservations

Be sure to tap "Back" button on the screen when going back to the previous screen during reservation operation.

See here for frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The details in the screen shots below (such as boarding date, train name, departure/arrival times, etc.) are images.

1. Login

Login Login

Access the website (https://smart-ex.jp/en/).
Enter "Membership ID (10 digits)" and "Password (4 to 8 characters)" and tap "Login".

2. Menu


Tap "Reservation"

3. Train Search


Specify your boarding date, boarding time, departure and arrival station and number of persons.

Tap "Continue"


a. Put a check in "Use Oversized Baggage Area" when making a reservation for a seat with oversized baggage area. See here for details about baggage allowance and reservation method.

b. If you put a check in "Search only HIKARI, SAKURA, or KODAMA", only routes using the "Hikari", "Sakura", "Kodama", and "Tsubame" trains will be searched. Select this option when reserving special "Kodama" fares; such as "Hayatoku-Green KODAMA" or "Hayatoku-Family KODAMA".

c. Only direct trains (without a transit) to your destination can be searched if you put a check in "Search only Direct Trains".

  • Boarding dates and times are displayed in Japan Standard Time.
  • You cannot exit the ticket gate at a station other than your arrival station. Tickets for the remaining section will be invalid and you will need to purchase another ticket to board the train again.

Ref. 1: Enter train name and number

Enter train name and number

Enter and select boarding date, type of train, train number, departure and arrival stations, transit station (optional) and number of persons. Tap "Continue".

4. Select Train and Facility


Check the seat availability and tap "Select" button of your preferred train.

  • When booking a non-reserved seat, choose a random train and select a non-reserved fare on the "Select Fare" screen.
    Any non-reserved seat of reserved date and route can be used when non-reserved seat fare is purchased.

Ref. 2: Seat availability and discounts

a. Marked as "Discount":
The "Discount" mark will be displayed for a special "Hayatoku" advance ticket.

b. Seat availability
“○”: Available
“▲”: Limited availability
“×”: Not available
“-”: No information available

  • It may not be displayed during after-hours (11:30 pm - 5:30am the following day) and pre-sale reservation requests and the time when system is experiencing high traffic.

5. Select Fare

Put a check in your preferred fare and facility, and select seat location.


a. Change your preferred facility by selecting "Non-smoking" or "Near the smoking room".

b. To reserve a non-reserved seat, select a fare with "Non-reserved seat" displayed.

c. To check seat availability with the seat map, select a fare and tap "View seat map". Check [Ref. 3: View seat map] for more details.

d. Select a "Seat location" from pulldown when specifying window or aisle seat for your reservation.

Tap "Continue".

Ref. 1: Round-trip Reservation

Round-trip reservations

Round-trip discounted fares will be displayed for sections that are no less than 601 (operating) kilometers for one way.
Tap "Continue" and enter the search conditions for the return trip on the next page.

  • Changes to the section and number of persons cannot be made for the return trip.
  • Different reservation number will be given to outbound and return trip.
  • "Corresponding reservation number" can be confirmed in the My Trips screen.

Ref. 2: Seat availability

Seat availability

Seat availability will be displayed according to the conditions specified at top of the screen (Also show Non-smoking/ Near the smoking room).
“○”: Available
“▲”: Limited availability
“×”: Not available
“-”: Facility not available
“Y”: Facility available


  • When your trip include transits and an asterisk (*) is displayed below the seat availability symbols, facilities of some trains will be changed since your preferred facilities are full or not available.
  • During after-hours and pre-sale reservation requests, and the time when system is experiencing high traffic, the facility availability will be displayed "-"or "Y".

Ref. 3: View Seat Map

seat map
  • Select preferred seat location.
  • Tap "Continue".
  • It will not be displayed when there are few seat availability or when it is during after-hours and pre-sale reservation requests. Also, it may be not displayed when system is experiencing high traffic.
  • You can select a maximum of two rows.
  • If there are only few seats available, you may not be able to select seats for number of persons that you intend to reserve. In that case, go back to the "Train/Facility" screen and put a check in "Seats can be separated". You may be able to make a reservation (Seats cannnot be specified for this operations).


a. Change car number from this screen.

Ref. 4: Double Bookings

Double Bookings
  • If you select a fare that duplicates the details of an existing reservation (in terms of boarding date, boarding time, travel direction, boarding section), then a screen will appear to notify you of the double booking.
  • Confirm the reservation details and tap "Continue" if there is no problem.
  • Tap "Back" if changing the reservation details.

Ref. 5: Non-reserved Seat

Using non-reserved seat
  • A screen appears notifying you that you have chosen a non-reserved seat.
  • Tap "Continue" if you have no problem using a non-reserved seat.
  • Tap "Back" if changing the reservation details.

6. Confirm

personal authentication service

Confirm the reservation details and tap "OK Purchase".

Your purchase (payment) will be completed once you tap "OK Purchase".

  • The payment is settled in YEN and foreign transaction fee etc. accompanying this shall be governed by a contract between you and your credit card company.

7. Complete


Reservation is complete and the email with reservation details will be sent to your registered email address(es). It can be also confirmed from "My Trips" in the menu.


a. Boarding method for your reservation can be confirmed.

  • Touch your IC card: Your registered IC card can be used to board Shinkansen.
  • Pick up ticket(s): Tickets must be picked up beforehand.

See here for details about boarding methods.