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Q.Tell me the details of terms of use of “S Work seat”.

S Work seat is a fare exclusively for EX service members that can use PCs on reserved seat (Car No.7) for NOZOMI Shinkansen.

【Number of Persons】
- Only for one adult only.
- Option for children not available.

【Period of Use】
October 1(Fri),2021 to March 31(Thu),2022
- Not available December 28(Tue), 2021 to January 6(Thu),2022.
- The usage period is subject to change.

【Available for Purchase】
From 10:00 am one month prior to boarding date, up to 4 minutes before the departure time shown in the timetable.

【Applicable Trains / Classes of Service】
Reserved seat (Car No.7) of NOZOMI Shinkansen, from Tokyo to Hakata (limited to Tokaido-Sanyo Shinakansen section.)
*Only the reserved trains can be boarded.
*Not available for Green cars or non-reserved seats.

- The fare is same as the price of reserved seats if you are member of smart EX service.
- Cannot be purchased as Hayatoku fare.