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Destination Specials

Destination Specials

Introducing special benefits and information to assist you while traveling.

Conditions of use

Eligible customers

Customers who have used this service that arrive at specified stations for each special benefits.

Requirements for the use of special benefits

Customers who used an IC Card or a QR-Ticket will need to present their "Seat information" issued at the ticket gates at their origin station, while customers who used a ticket will need to present their "Sales slip and receipt" received from ticket machines at the time of purchase.

“Seat information” or “Sales slip and receipt” may only be used once for each facilities.

  • When purchasing tickets, the maximum number of people who can get special benefits is the number of passengers stated on the “Sales slip and receipt” (young children accompanied by members of this service can get special benefits regardless of the number of passengers).
  • The “Seat Information” and the “Sales slip and receipt” must be the day of the visit or the previous day.
  • Presented “Seat Information” or “Sales slip and receipt” will be returned after special benefits are applied. You can get a special benefit at every facility with a single “Seat Information” or “Sales slip and receipt”.
  • Please note that a regular ticket cannot be used for the special benefits.
Seat information

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