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Confirm Reservations

Explains how to confirm your reservations and requests.

The screenshots below (such as boarding dates, train names and departure/arrival time) are examples for reference.

Confirm your reservation details by selecting the "Reservation Number" from My Trips.

  • The reservation detail can be confirmed only on the day if you have picked up your tickets or used your reservation by boarding with QR-Ticket or IC card.

How to Confirm Reservations

Tap "My Trips" from the menu.

Tap "Details" of the reservation that you want to confirm.

  • The list of pre-sale requests and after-hours requests will be displayed on the different screen.
  • To issue pickup code, tap "Issue pickup code". For more details, press here

You can confirm your reservation details from the "Details" screen.

  • For round-trip discount fare, the reservation number for the other half will be displayed.
  • You can confirm the credit card used for payment (last 4 digits of credit card number and international brand).


You can check your IC card designation status on this screen.

  • If "Not Designated" is displayed, you need to designate IC card before boarding. If you do not have one, use QR-Ticket or pick up tickets for boarding.
  • If IC card number (such as JCxxx xxxx...) is displayed, use the IC card that is listed on this screen for boarding.