2. How to use this Website/Terms of Use

How to use this Website/Terms of Use

The Tokaido Sanyo Kyushu Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service Web Site - "smart-ex.jp/en/" (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is run by the Central Japan Railway Company, West Japan Railway Company and Kyushu Railway Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Companies.") Please accept the Terms of Use listed below before using the Site.
These Terms of Use may change depending on the requirements of the Companies. Once any changes to the Terms of Use have been published on the Site, you are deemed to have accepted them before using the Site.

1. Use of IP addresses, Cookies and web beacons

The Site saves IP addresses in order to study customer's usage. We also use Cookies (on all pages) and web beacons (only on some pages).

  • Cookies are text data distributed by websites. Cookies are stored on your browsers. Only the website that distributed the Cookies can view the Cookies stored on your browser. You can disable the Cookie function in your browser settings but this may mean that some features are not available.
  • Web beacon is a technology that allows site operators to know how many times a site has been used.
    The aim of both is to collect browsing data to allow the website to run more smoothly; data that is only use for statistical information. The data acquired does not contain any information that could be used to identify individual customers (such as names, addresses, or similar).

2. Information collected by Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google LLC, to understand the site access status. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect access information. This access information is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable.
See the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for details.

3. Security

In order to protect your personal information, the Site has introduced SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. The personal data you input is encrypted to protect it before being transmitted and received.

4. Copyright

Copyright © Central Japan Railway Company: Unless otherwise so stated, the copyright for this Site and the copyright on any text; photographs; videos; music; vocals; and other copyrighted works included in this Site all belong to the Central Japan Railway Company. It is prohibited to copy; modify; put to another use; rent; distribute; or publicly broadcast the copyrighted works from this Site, or use or dispose of such works of in any other manner, without the permission of the rights' holder.

5. Trademark Rights

All rights concerning the Companies' trade names, trade marks, and logos etc., posted on the Site belong to the Companies. It is prohibited to use or dispose of them without the Companies' permission.

6. Site Links

In principle the Site allows links to be freely set up, provided that this does not violate any of the clauses below. In the event that a violation of any of the clauses below is discovered, it may be necessary to request that the link be removed, or similar.

  1. Links to this Site will only be admitted if the objective is provide convenience for users visiting this Site. We will refuse links whose objective is profit.
  2. Please put the URL set for the link counterpart on our top page (smart-ex.jp/en/).
  3. We will refuse any link that is displayed in a format that combines the content of this Site with other content. Moreover, we will refuse any links that display content of this Site as part of the link's source website - even if the content of this Site is separately displayed. Please be sure to set the link in such a way that this Site is displayed in a new browser.
  4. It is prohibited to use any logos or title designs provided on this Site as link buttons or similar on a website. When setting a link to this Site, please show us as either the "Central Japan Railways Company" or "JR Central". It is prohibited to display something like simply "timetable" that would cause the source sender of the information to be misidentified.
  5. Links from websites that qualify under points (a) - (c) below are strictly prohibited.
    • (a). Any website that slanders the Companies or a third party, or that contain content that will destroy the credibility or prestige of the same.
    • (b). Any website that infringes the copyright, trademark right or any other rights of the Companies or a third party.
    • (c). Any website that the Companies deem inappropriate; such as websites that risk damaging our social creditability or image.
  6. Please contact us by e-mail if your are setting a link, clearly stating the link's source URL; a summary of the site; a contact address; and the name of the managing officer. We may then check the contents of your home page, etc.

    Please make any inquiries on our services from here.

  7. The Companies shall be in no way liable in the unlikely event that you should suffer any damages or losses from your link to this Site.

7. Links from the Site

With regard to links from the Site, the Companies do not guarantee the content of the website of the linked counter-party (hereinafter referred to as the "Linked Site"); and shall bear no liability for any damages incurred as a result of using any such Linked Site. Moreover, it does not mean that there is a special relationship between the company that operates the Linked Site and the Companies; nor that we recommend the goods and services of any such company. Please check the Terms of Use of individual Linked Sites when using them. Note that in general we do not set a link from the Site.

8. Media Posting

Each of the clauses in 5.1-6 above shall apply when posting the Site in various types of media such as magazine, CD-ROMs, etc. Please be sure to contact us before posting.

Please make any inquiries on our services from here.

9. Proposals etc., to the Companies

We will not accept any technical or commercial proposals etc., made to the Companies. In the unlikely event that any such proposals etc., should be made, they will be handled as detailed in 1 - 3 below.

  1. The Companies will neither evaluate nor consider any proposals etc., received.
  2. The Companies shall not assume any obligation of confidentiality for any proposals etc., sent to us.
  3. The Companies shall not be liable (including for payment of compensation) if all, or some, of the content of proposals etc., sent to us are the same, or similar, as plans we have announced, developed or adopted.

10. Disclaimers etc.

  1. Although the Companies pay close attention to the information posted on this Site, we cannot make any guarantees in any event on the accuracy, usefulness or certainty of the content.
  2. The Companies do not assume any responsibility for consequences that arise from judgments/actions taken by users on the basis of posted information.
  3. Information on products and campaigns etc. posted on the Site relates to some of the Companies' sales products and campaigns etc., and does not cover all of them.
  4. Ultimately the information posted on the Site is information valid at the time of posting; descriptions and content, etc. may be revised or removed with no prior warning and with the passage of time the posted information may no longer match real conditions.
  5. The Companies may change the address of the Site with no prior warning. In this event, the Companies shall not be liable for breaks in links, problems with displays or any other impacts incurred as a result.
  6. The Companies may temporarily or permanently discontinue the Site, in part or in full, due to a force majeure such as a natural disaster; due to failures, repairs or updates to systems; on the grounds of the Companies' business operations; or for some other reason.

11. Governing Law & Court of Jurisdiction

The use of the Site and the information provided herein, as well as the interpretation and application of the Site's "Terms of Use" shall comply with the domestic laws of Japan; and in the unlikely event of a dispute, Nagoya District Court shall be the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.