How to Register

Here we provide information on how to register for membership. Have your credit card ready for the registration!

The screen shots below are examples of reference.

1. Access the Registration Screen


Access the website (


Tap "Register".

2. Enter Email Address

Enter email address and tap "Send"

  • Setup your inbox to receive emails with URLs or from "" domain.

A membership registration email will be sent to your registered email address(es). Click the link in the email.

3. Confirm an Agreement

Confirm the Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy and Supplement. Put a check to "I agree to the Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy and Supplements (EEA Supplement is not subject to consent)." and tap "Agree".

4. Register Membership Information

Enter the membership information - "Name", "Date of birth", "Login password", "Credit card information", "IC card information", "Email address" and tap "Confirm".

  • IC card registration is optional.

Ⓐ:Enter credit card information

  • Enter the credit card number and expiration date, then tap "Complete".
  • The accepted cred cards are listed below.
  • You must be age of 18 or older to register for this service.
  • We recommend that you register with an ordinary credit card. Small-size credit cards (mini cards) and credit cards that have no physical form (virtual cards) cannot be used for certain services, such as getting a refund.
  • Due to the settlement procedures for debit cards and prepaid cards, a small amount may be temporarily withdrawn when checking the validity of your card. Similarly, payments may be temporarily withdrawn twice or your balance may be insufficient when changing or refunding a reservation. Therefore, in some cases your card company may decide that your debit or prepaid card cannot be used to register with this service. For details, please contact your card company.
  • Proceed to the credit card company's 3D Secure authentication.
  • "Tokaido Sanyo Kyushu Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service" has introduced "3D Secure", the personal authentication service recommended by credit card brands, to ensure the safety of credit card payments.
    If you have not set up the personal authentication service, the credit card you are using does not support the personal authentication service, or you have failed authentication by the personal authentication service, you may not be able to use Tokaido Sanyo Kyushu Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service.
  • Depending on the type of credit card, your credit card issuer's website may not be displayed when you make a new reservation. If the screen is not displayed, you will need to enter the security code whernever you make a new reservation, etc.

Ⓑ:Enter IC card information (optional)

  • Enter your IC card number and tap "Complete".
  • You can enjoy ticketless travel by registering an IC card that can also be used when traveling on major railways and buses across Japan. See here for details about IC cards.
  • IC card registration is optional. If you do not register one, use QR-Ticket or pick up tickets before boarding.
  • Once an IC card has been registered, it cannot be registered by another member.
  • IC card can be registered from "Change/Cancel Membership Info" even after the membership registration.

Ⓒ:Enter email information (optional)

  • Select preferred email services
  • One-time password will be sent to your registered email addresses when resetting password, making changes to membership info and getting pick-up code issued. When an email cannot be sent to at least one of your email addresses, this service will be unavailable for use. We recommend registering multiple email addresses.
  • Setup your inbox to receive emails with URLs or from "" domain.

5. Confirm


Confirm registered details and tap "Register".

6. Complete

Membership registration is complete when you have received an email with the membership ID.

  • You may not be able to pick up tickets at the "ticket vending machine" and "ticket pick up machine" on the day of membership registration. If you cannot pick up your ticket(s), please ask the station staff at JR Central , JR West or JR Kyushu ticket window, located in major stations of Tokaido Sanyo Kyushu Shinkansen.