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smartEX-round trip

You can make a reservation right up to the day you take the train and where the one-way section is no less than 601 (operating) km it is cheaper to use the smartEX service to purchase your round-trip journeys together, rather than purchasing one way at a time.
You can use it for long-distance sections with ease.

Key Points of the "smartEX-round trip"

Available for Purchase

Reserve from 1 month up to 4 minutes before departure Unlimited changes to existing reservations, free of charge!

From (10:00 am) one month prior to boarding date up to 4 minutes before the departure time shown for the train in the outbound timetable (return stretches can be reserved up to one month in advance).

Applicable trains/Classes of Service

You can use them all day, on all trains, all year round!

You can reserve all sections and trains of Tokaido Sanyo Kyushu Shinkansen where the one-way boarding section is no less than 601 (operating) km.

Number of Persons

You can book for up to 6 adults/children!

You can make reservations from 1 person up to a maximum of 6 all at once.
Also equipped for children's use.

For example, a reserved seat in an ordinary car on a week day costs 18,050 Yen between Tokyo and Hiroshima; or 21,780 Yen between Tokyo and Hakata.

Boarding method

You can choose how to board; QR-Ticket, ticket or IC card.
Please see here for more details.

As you can pick up separate "smartEX-round trip" tickets for the outbound and return stretches, we recommend that you pick up the ticket for your return journey on the day of return before boarding the train.

Terms of Use

Number of Persons

1 - 6

  • Option for children available.
Period of Use

All year round

Available for Purchase

From 10:00 am one month prior to boarding date, up to 4 minutes before the departure time shown for the train in the outbound timetable (return stretches can be reserved up to one month in advance). *1

We have a Pre-sale Reservation Service that allows you to make a request for reservation up to 7 days prior to the date tickets go on sale (1 month before the departure date).
Requests will be processed in order after 8:00 am on the date tickets go on sale. The result will be emailed to your registered email address(es) within the same day.

Applicable Trains/Classes of Service

"Nozomi", "Mizuho", "Hikari", "Sakura", "Kodama", and "Tsubame":
Reserved seats in ordinary cars; Green cars (First class cars); non-reserved seats in ordinary cars

  • In the event that you are late for boarding your reserved train, you may board a Shinkansen leaving later on the same date, using a non-reserved seat in an ordinary car.
  • You may not leave the train part-way through the journey. If you disembark the train at an intermediate station, the remaining section of your journey becomes invalid and you cannot use the ticket to board again.
  • You can make changes to boarding date, train, and facilities if it is prior to the scheduled departure of the outbound stretch or the return stretch. Changes to boarding sections can only be made if you are changing collective round trip and neither the outbound nor the return stretch has yet been used. * Changes to one-way section/fare cannot be made. Click here for more information.
  • Cannot be used with other discounts. Transfer discounts are not applicable.
  • The period when "smartEX-round trip" tickets are released for sale is as follows.
    (Example ①) Outbound and return tickets to be used on the same day (Example ②) Outbound and return tickets to be used on different days

    [Outbound] Nov. 1 Nozomi -1
    Tokyo(6:00 dep.)⇒ Hiroshima
    [Return] Nov. 1 Nozomi-60
    Hiroshima(19:17 dep.)⇒ Tokyo
    ⇒Tickets will be released from Oct. 1(10:00) until Nov. 1(5:56)

    [Outbound] Nov. 1 Nozomi-1
    Tokyo(6:00 dep.)⇒ Hiroshima
    [Return] Nov. 3 Nozomi-60
    Hiroshima(19:17 dep.)⇒ Tokyo
    ⇒Tickets will be released from Oct. 3 (10:00) until Nov. 1 (5:56) (See note)

    (Note) If you are using outbound and return tickets on different days and you are making a reservation one month before the boarding date of the outbound stretch, then this will be earlier than the tickets for the return stretch are released; therefore, please provisionally book a non-reserved seat for the return journey on the same date as the outbound stretch and then change the booking for the non-reserved seat to a reserved seat after 10:00 on the day that falls one month prior to the date of your return journey (If you have reserved each way separately then you cannot changed to a round-trip discounted fare).

  • If you are transferring between Shinkansen during your journey, you may transfer up to 3 trains, but this is restricted to three trains with the same facilities. However, tickets may be released for trains with different facilities for a given section if you are using a reserved seat in an ordinary car or a green (first class) seat and one or more of the connecting trains is full or alternatively does not have any reserved seats in ordinary cars or any green cars.

Set sections and prices

  • This fare is a combination of a Basic Fare Ticket and a Limited Express Ticket and is to be used exclusively on the Tokaido/Sanyo/Kyushu Shinkansen. When using conventional lines to get to the Shinkansen boarding station (or from the Shinkansen disembarking station), a separate fare must be paid for the conventional line.

    When connecting between conventional and Shinkansen lines, the total fare combining the "smartEX service" and conventional line fares may be more expensive than using normal, non-discounted tickets, depending on the sections traveled.

  • As with the normal limited express fare for reserved seats, the sales price of reserved seats in ordinary cars varies depending on whether it is a regular season, off-peak season or peak season (for adults compared with regular seasons there is a 200 Yen discount in off-peak seasons and a 200 Yen supplement in peak seasons).

    The periods for the "smartEX Service (Round-Trip Discount)" regular season, off-peak season and peak season are the same as those for normal Limited Express reserved seat fares.

  • Sales prices vary for reserved seats in ordinary cars and for green cars (first class cars) depending on whether you are using (i) the "Nozomi" and "Mizuho" services and (ii) the "Hikari", "Sakura" "Kodama", and "Tsubame" services.
  • Non-reserved seats in ordinary cars are charged the combined amount of the normal fare and the limited express charges paid when using non-reserved seats.

Prices for all set sections

Please see here concerning the prices for reservations of boarding date by June 24.

①Ordinary car - reserved seat
②Green car (first class car)
③Ordinary car - non-reserved seat

< Prices for the main boarding sections for "Nozomi" and "Mizuho" services (regular season; one-way trip per adult) >

Section Ordinary car - reserved seat (regular season) Green car (first class car)

⇔ Okayama

16,390 Yen
(▲200 Yen)

22,460 Yen
(▲200 Yen)

⇔ Hiroshima

18,050 Yen
(▲200 Yen)

25,310 Yen
(▲200 Yen)

⇔ Hakata

21,780 Yen
(▲200 Yen)

29,040 Yen
(▲200 Yen)


⇔ Hakata

17,550 Yen
(▲200 Yen)

24,810 Yen
(▲200 Yen)


⇔ Hakata

14,420 Yen
(▲200 Yen)

20,490 Yen
(▲200 Yen)

  • The amount in brackets ( ) shows the difference in price from the normal one-way fare (using a round-trip discount ticket) & the charge (for regular seasons) per adult for the "Nozomi" and "Mizuho" service.
  • As it is a condition of sale of the smartEX-round trip that outbound and return journeys be purchased together, the price paid will be the one for "round-trip" in the prices above.

Prices when transferring trains