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Usage Environment

In order for the Tokaido Sanyo Kyushu Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") and the "App" to be used safely and trouble-free, we are running operational checks in the following environments.

If you are using the Site with an environment other than those listed below, please exercise caution as problems may arise with screen display or operation.

Status of operational checks

■Environments where the App's operational checks are complete

  • iOS 14
  • Android 8, 9, 10
    • The app can be installed on iOS 12 or later and Android 5 or later, but we cannot guarantee how it will work on OS that have not had operational checks.
    • You can use the app on tablets equipped with supported OS, but the screen has not been optimized for tablet devices.
    • The app is not available on feature phones equipped with Android, or "raku-raku" (user-friendly) smart phones.
    • Operation is not guaranteed, even on OS that have completed operational checks. Even if you are using a device equipped with OS that has completed operational checks, the app may not be available depending on your operating environment and model-specific characteristics.

■Environments where the Site's operational checks are complete
[Using from a PC]

OS Browsers
Windows 11

Microsoft Edge 107、Google Chrome 108

Windows 10

Microsoft Edge 107、Google Chrome 108

macOS 13.1

Safari 16.2

macOS 12.1

Safari 15.2

macOS 11.0

Safari 14

  • Operation checks are performed on pages for PCs.

[Using from a smart phone]

Type OS Browsers

iOS 16.1

Standard browser

iOS 15.6


Android 13.0

Google Chrome 111

Android 12.0

Google Chrome 111

Android 11.0

Google Chrome 111

Android 10.0

Google Chrome 85

  • Operation checks are performed on pages for smartphones.
  • Operation checks do not cover Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, or Firefox OS devices.
  • Operation checks do not cover SIM free devices or MVNOs.
  • Depending on the device you use, there may be a case that the screen loading stops halfway or the screen turns white. Please try restarting the device or use the text site.
  • When using smartphone page of this service with Chrome66 - Chrome68 with Android devices, the right side of the screen may be blank.
  • You may need to update the standard browser (see note) when using the dedicated smart phone page on some Android devices.
    (Chrome browser can be used without an update)
    • We have received reports that when using the dedicated smart phone page on some Android devices, the touch buttons on some screens do not respond. If there is no response when you touch the buttons, please try using text-only pages.
  • You will not be able to use apps created by third parties besides those of the Central Japan Railway Company, West Japan Railway Company and Kyushu Railway Company.

[Using from cell phones and other devices]

Operation checks are not performed for gaming devices equipped with communication functions, handheld media players, and handheld information devices outside of those listed above.

As of May 21, 2022, we will no longer provide service of text version site.
After the end of service, please use web version, mobile version or App service.

Important Points

  • You need to enable JavaScript in your browser settings, as well as to set your browser to accept cookies when using the Site.

    The procedures for enabling JavaScript and accepting cookies differ depending on the device. Please check with the cell phone company for your device for details.

  • The above details are for the environments for which there are operation checks. Proper operation is not guaranteed. You may not be able to use some parts of the Site even if you are using a browser and OS for which there are operation checks depending on the model characteristics and your usage environment (security software settings, network settings, etc.).
  • There may be cases when we cannot ensure operational stability due to unpublished problems with the browser or the release of a new version when new basic software (OS) or browsers are released.
  • Please understand in advance that there may be unexpected issues that occur that cannot be quickly resolved if you are using an environment (or version) for which operation checks are not performed.
  • We do not guarantee the use of software (applications) created or developed independently without the approval of Central Japan Railway Company.
  • We bears no responsibility for the disadvantages born by members or third parties in the event that there is a problem with the device, software and other environmental settings used, or connection conditions.
  • The details listed on this page may change without prior notice.


  • We use encrypted communications technology called "SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)" on the Site for safety and to protect personal information.
    (In order to enhance security, access by "SSL 3.0" and "TLS1.0/1.1" is restricted.)
  • As the highly secure "SHA-2" is used for SSL server certificates on the App, please use an "SHA-2" compatible device.
  • "SHA-2" compatibility differs depending on the device so contact the cell phone company for the device you use.