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Purchase history/Receipt

You can check your purchase history or display your receipts from within the App.

The screen shots below are examples for reference.

Display period

Until 11:30 pm on the day three months after the day following the completion of your reservation.

  • Purchase history/receipts cannot be displayed for the day the reservation is completed.
    E.G. : If the reservation was completed on June 1st: The display period will be June 2nd 5:30 am until September 1st 11:30 pm.

How to use

Introducing how to use the Purchase history/Receipt display service.

go to My Account

After logging in, tap "" to go to "My Account".

Purchase history click

Tap “Purchase history”.

Select inquiry term

Select inquiry term.

  • Up to 30 items are displayed per search
  • History from the past three months, up until the previous day, will be displayed.
  • Notes on history check
    Credit card settlement will be performed on the day of the reservation (or change/refund), not the day of travel.

From the displayed purchase history list, tap the specific history you wish to view.

purchase history list

To issue a receipt, tap the “Issue a receipt” button.

  • You can display a receipt for the handling fee, even when a refund has been issued from within the app, or you cancel your non-reserved seat reservation. However, you cannot view receipts for the handling fee if you cancel your reserved seat reservation.

< Change history>
All reservation, change or refund history from the past three months, up until the previous day, will be displayed. Use this to verify your card statement.

Issue a receipt

Enter any characters into the address field.
Tap "Preview" to launch the web browser, and the receipt with the address entered will be displayed.

  • There is no limit to the number that can be displayed within the display period.
Printer Options

Select the printer then you can print out your receipt.

  • Some features (such as station names etc.) are displayed in Japanese.