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Points to Note

1. This service can be used to purchase tickets (reserve seats) for the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen. It cannot be used to make purchases (reservations) on other lines.

2. A reservation made between 5:30 am and 11:30 pm will be processed as after-hours reservation request. See here for details about after-hours requests.

3. This service cannot be used with other tickets such as the Japan Rail Pass, etc.

4. As you press "Purchase", payment will be settled automatically from the card you registered and a Purchase Contract will be concluded. Once a reservation has been made, you will need a handling fee to cancel a reservation.

5. All times displayed in this Service are in Japan Standard Time and all currency is in Japanese Yen.

6. To pick up a ticket, you will need the pickup code and login password.

7. When boarding the Shinkansen with oversized baggage, you will need to reserve a seat with oversized baggage area. See here for details about the size of an oversized baggage and the reservation methods.

8. You can use this Service to board up to 3 successive trains, but reservations cannot be made for the following journeys.

  • A journey where the "facilities used" include: a Green car (First class car) on the 1st train; followed by an ordinary car (reserved or non-reserved seat) on the 2nd train; followed by a Green car (First class car) on the third train"
  • A journey where the "trains used" include: "Nozomi" or "Mizuho" for the 1st train; followed by "Hikari", "Kodama", or "Sakura" for the 2nd train; followed by "Nozomi" or "Mizuho" for the third train.

9. Both reserved seats (Green car (First class car) & ordinary cars) and non-reserved seats are only valid on the boarding date that you made a reservation for.

10. All reserved seats in ordinary cars on "Kodama" services operate as "non-smoking" seats and all "seats near a smoking room" are non-reserved seats; this means that if you book a reserved seat, you will be using a regular non-smoking seat.

11. If you are not using the Personal authentication service (3-D Secure Authentication), you will need to enter a security code whenever you make a new reservation, etc.