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Wheelchair Accessible Seat

From boarding date of May 20, 2021, you can make reservation online for wheel chair accessible seat in addition to reservation by phone, etc.

The details in the screenshots below (such as boarding date, train name, departure/arrival time, etc.) are examples for reference.

"Wheelchair Accessible Seat"

Some Shinkansen and limited express trains have wheelchair accessible seats.
You can reserve the following seats with Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service.


Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen "Nozomi"


Car 11 Seat 13-A, 13-B (*)

Starting Date

Boarding date of May 20, 2021


From April 20, 2021 10:00 am

  • Seat width may be slightly narrow depending on the train.
  • Car 11 Seat 13-B is for customer with a wheelchair and Car 11 Seat 13-A is for customer assisting a wheelchair user.
  • Please make reservation at ticket window or by phone if reserving wheelchair accessible seat other than Car 11 13-A, 13-B of Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen "Nozomi" trains or if there are more than 2 passengers using wheelchair.

Reservation Method

Please select Car 11 Seat 13-A, 13-B from the seat map.

1. Menu


Tap "Reservation"

2. Train Search

OK 予約を続ける

Specify your boarding date, boarding time, departure and arrival station and number of persons.

Tap "Continue"

  • Boarding dates and times are displayed in Japan Standard Time.
  • You cannot exit the ticket gate at a station other than your arrival station. Tickets for the remaining section will be invalid and you will need to purchase another ticket to board the train again.

3. Select Train and Facility


Check the seat availability and tap "Select" button of your preferred train.

  • When booking a non-reserved seat, choose a random train and select a non-reserved fare on the "Select Fare" screen.
    Any non-reserved seat of reserved date and route can be used when non-reserved seat fare is purchased.

Put a check in your preferred fare and facility, and select seat location.


Select preferred seat location. Tap "Continue".

  • The seat for customer with a wheelchair (Car 11 Seat 13-A, 13-B) can only be selected from the seat map screen.
  • Car 11 Seat 13-B is for customer with a wheelchair and Car 11 Seat 13-A is for customer assisting a wheelchair user.
  • Please select another train If the wheelchair accessible seats are full.

4. Confirm


Confirm the reservation details and tap "OK Purchase".

Your purchase (payment) will be completed once you tap "OK Purchase".
The payment is settled in YEN and foreign transaction fee etc. accompanying this shall be governed by a contract between you and your credit card company.


a. Confirm the important notice before making reservation.

5. Complete


Reservation is complete and the email with reservation details will be sent to your registered email address(es). It can be also confirmed from "My Trips" in the menu.

* Please check the information regarding wheelchair accessible seat.

Ref.1: Confirm Reservation

  • Confirm your reservation for wheelchair accessible seats from My Trips - Detail screen or reservation confirmation email.


When using a wheelchair when boarding Shinkansen, please contact the departure station in advance for guidance at the station and assistance getting on and off the train.