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Wheelchair Accessible Seat

You can make reservation online for Wheelchair accessible seat in addition to reservation by phone, etc.

The details in the screenshots below (such as boarding date, train name, departure/arrival time, etc.) are examples for reference.

"Wheelchair Accessible Seat"

Some Shinkansen and limited express trains have wheelchair accessible seats.
You can reserve the following seats with Tokaido Sanyo Kyushu Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service.


Tokaido Sanyo Kyushu Shinkansen
"Nozomi", "Hikari", "Kodama", "Mizuho", "Sakura", "Tsubame".


Car 11 (In the case of a 16-car train of the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen)

The following three types are available.

  • Wheelchair accessible seat (Wheelchair users can choose to either stay in their wheelchairs or move to a train seat.): Seat B
  • Wheelchair space (Wheelchair users stay in their wheelchairs.): Seat E
  • Wheelchair companion seat (This is a seat for a customer assisting a wheelchair user.): Seat A
  • Depending on the train,seat positions and car numbers may differ from the images. Please check the seat map for each train for details.
  • You cannot reserve several types of seats at one time. Please reserve by type.
Available for purchase From 10:00 am one month prior to boarding date, up to 4 minutes before the departure time shown in the time table.

Reservation Method

Tap "Shinkansen Reservation"

Please select your desired seat ("Wheelchair accessible seat", "Wheelchair companion seat" or "Wheelchair space") from【Seat Type】

For the subsequent process, follow the instructions on the screen to continue your reservation.