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Addition of "Hayatoku-21" Applicable Sections Info

* All dates and times below are in Japan Standard Time.

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We will be expanding the applicable section of "Hayatoku-21", an economical option for members using "Nozomi" ordinary car reserved seat in early morning and daytime with reservation up to 21 days (three weeks) before the boarding date.

○ Addition of "Hayatoku-21" Applicable Sections

- Applicable Sections and Pricing
Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama ⇔ Kokura and Hakata: 15,890 Yen
* Available for 1 to 6 persons. Option for children is not available.
e.g., 15,890 Yen from Tokyo and Shinagawa to Hakata (▲7,500 Yen Savings)
* Savings are difference between "Nozomi" fare/rate of ordinary car reserved seat for regular season.

- Period of Use
Throughout the year from November 23, 2020
* Note that there are exclusion dates.

- Available for Purchase
Throughout the year from November 2, 2020 (Available from one month prior to boarding date, up to 21 days before the date of boarding)
* "Pre-sale Reservation Service" will be applicable from November 2 (boarding date of December 2) (request is not accepted from November 23 to December 1).
* The request period for "Pre-sale Reservation Service" will be changed from November 15 (boarding date of December 22). To prepare for service switchover, the use of "Pre-sale Reservation Service" is restricted for some time periods. Please check here for details.

For details on "Hayatoku-21", click here.