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【For Members】About application update Notice

*All dates and time below are in Japan Standard Time.

The "smartEX App" and "Express Ride App" is scheduled to be updated on March 21 (Sat). You will not be able to use the previous version of the "smartEX App" and "Express Ride App" after March 21 (Sat). To use the App after March 21 (Sat), please make sure to update the App when an update dialogue is displayed at a startup of the App. If you cannnot update, please login from the website.

*In addition to the App service, online reservation (web service) will be available from March 21 (Sat).
*New version of the App can be installed on iOS 12 or later, which is different from the current version of the App. For iPhone users, please confirm that your system version is iOS 12 or later before the update (System version can be confirmed from "Setting > General > About" of your iPhone.) There will be no change to Android OS even after the update.
*Please note that update date is subject to change without notice.

[Major Changes]
■Addition of "pickup code" function
From March 21 (Sat), you will need the "pickup code" ("QR code" or "16 alphanumeric number") to pick up tickets that is reserved through this service. For details about the pickup code, please see here.

■Pre-sale reservation request and After-hours reservation request
・With pre-sale reservation request, a request for the reservation can be made one week prior to the date ticket go on sale (1 month before the boarding date).
・After-hours reservation request can be made during after-hours (between 11:30 pm and 5:30 am the following day).
*Please see the details of reservation guide in the information page after the launch of service.