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Launch of New Service Notice

*All dates and time below are in Japan Standard Time.

Thank you for using Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Internet Reservation Service.

From Saturday, March 6, 2021, we will launch “Ticketless boarding service using QR code (*)”, “Ticketless boarding service for multiple passengers” and “Reserved seat reservation service (including changes) in case of delay in train”.

【Contents of New Service】

(1)Ticketless boarding service using QR code (*)
・You can board the Shinkansen by holding your “QR code” (*) over the Shinkansen ticket gates.
・This service can be also used for reservations with more than one person if "QR code" (*) is printed for each seat.
*QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

(2)Ticketless boarding service for multiple passengers
・When reservations are made for more than one person (up to six people), ticket pick up was necessary for boarding. However, after the launch of this service, the ticketless boarding will be available for multiple passengers by using IC cards for public transportation.
・Along with the above, we will change the ticket pick up period by the ticket vending machine from "one month prior to the boarding date" to "seven days prior to the boarding date". You can continue to receive your tickets one month prior to the boarding date at the ticket window.

(3)Reserved seat reservation service (including changes) in case of delay in train
・Reservation for (or changes to) the delayed train will be available, if a train is delayed and it has passed the scheduled departure time but not departed the departing station.
・Customers reserved with the official smartphone app "smartEX App" and "Express Ride App" will be notified with a push notification if a delay of 10 minutes or more is expected to the reserved train.
*The App service is available in 8 countries and regions. Please see here for more details about the App.

【Starting Date】

Saturday, March 6, 2021 5:30AM

We will inform you via website of details after the launch of service.

We will also partially revise the membership agreement, etc. in accordance with the launch of new service. Please see here for more details.