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Q.How do I designate IC card to my reservation?

Please designate your IC card from "Designate IC card" button on reservation complete screen or reservation details screen. There are two ways to designate IC card.

1) Entering IC card number
Tap "Register new IC card" button on designate IC card screen and enter IC card number. If you put a check in "Register above information to My List", you will be able to select registered IC card from the list from next time. Register name of IC card when adding to My List (Up to 14 charcters can be registered).

2) Select IC card from My List
Tap pulldown and the registered IC card that you can select from will be displayed.

* "Designate IC card" button will not be displayed on the reservation complete screen (reserved from "Return ticket" button) or reservation change complete screen. Designate IC card from reservation detail screen.
* For round trip reservation, you will need to designate IC card for both outbound and return trip.
* IC cards cannot be registered, designated, change designation.
* You cannot designate IC card for multiple seats in one reservation.
* For reservations that departs on the same day from same station, you must designate different IC cards (same IC card cannot be designated).
* You cannot designate or change designation for reservations that have already been entered the ticket gate.