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Q.Can I make changes once I have picked up my tickets?

Once tickets for fares reserved under this Service have been picked up, members are not able to process changes themselves. If you want to change either the boarding date, boarding sections or facilities, please apply at a ticket counters in the main JR Central, JR West or JR Kyushu stations and then purchase new normal tickets (at no discount) as necessary.
In this case, if it is before the departure time of the train (i.e., the train for which you hold tickets that have been reserved under this Service; where the said tickets have already been picked up) then we will refund to the credit card used to make payment, free of charge, at ticket counters in JR Central, JR West or JR Kyushu stations. Note that if you are only changing the boarding section one way on a discounted round trip product, then a "discounted return cancellation fee" will be charged.

* You may change your train once with no charges at a ticket vending machine or ticket counters in any JR Central, JR West or JR Kyushu Shinkansen station provided that your reserved train has not yet departed and the train you wish to change to is for the same date, the same boarding sections, the same facilities and the same type of train as your original reservation (excluding "Hayatoku" fares).

* The above transaction cannot be made at ticket counters at JR companies other than JR Centrall, JR West and JR Kyushu or travel company help desks.