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Q.What happens if I miss my reserved train?

If you miss the train you reserved, you can travel in a non-reserved seat on a later train that leaves on the same day and runs through the same boarding sections as the train you reserved (note that this does not include Hayatoku fares.)
"Hayatoku Fares" are discounted subject to special "Terms of Use" and are only valid for the train/facilities reserved (they cannot be used to travel on the same train and use other facilities on that train. Nor can they be used to travel on another train - including in non-reserved seats.) Please note that you will need to purchase the required tickets separately and pay the normal Limited Express charges and Green car (First class car) charges again if you use other facilities on the same train, or travel on a different train.

* You can change to a different product (with the exception of Hayatoku products) provided that the boarding date is within 3 months of the initial purchase date; that it is before the scheduled departure time of your reserved train; and that you have not entered the ticket gate or picked up the tickets (you will need to pay any difference in price). We recommend that you change your reservations as soon as possible if your plans change.