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【For Members】 About application update Notice

*All dates and time below are in Japan Standard Time.

The “smartEX APP” and “Express Ride App” can be updated from August 21(Sat) due to the change in Ticketless boarding service using QR code (*).

You will not be able to use the previous version of the “smartEX App” and “Express Ride App” after Tuesday, August 31.
To use the App after Tuesday, August 31, please make sure to update the App when an update guidance dialogue is displayed at a startup of the App.

If the latest version of the App is not reflected in the App store, please wait for a while and try again.

*Please login from the website if you cannot update the App.
* There will be no change to iOS and Android OS even after the update.
*The date of update is subject to change without notice.
*QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.