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Make reservations for the Shinkansen

An explanation of how to make a reservation on a train.

  • When using this service, please tap the button displayed on each screen to check the information and points to be noted etc., before moving on to the next process.
  • See here for frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The details in the screen shots below (such as boarding date, train name, departure/arrival times, etc.) are examples for reference.

1. Login


Enter your membership ID and password and then tap "Login".

  • If you want to omit the entry of your membership ID the next time you login and thereafter, please tick the "Retaining Membership ID" option.

Please note that when you log in without a tick in the "Retaining Membership ID", the selected membership ID will be deleted from the membership ID list.

2. Main menu (Top)

Select "Reserve-Train Search".

3. Setting Details (specify by time)

Setting Details

Specify your boarding date, time of departure (or arrival), boarding and disembarking stations, and the number of passengers, and then tap "Search."

  • Boarding dates and times are displayed in Japan Standard Time.
  • If you disembark the train at an intermediate station, the remaining section of your journey becomes invalid and you cannot use the ticket to board again.


a. Information:
If you touch the button, it will display information and points to be noted.

b. Other conditions:

i. If you check the "Smoking or near the Smoking Room" option, it will show you information on available Smoking/near a smoking room seats. It is also possible to switch between Non-smoking and Smoking from the Fare Option Page.

ii. If you check the "Search only HIKARI, SAKURA, or KODAMA" option, only journeys using the "Hikari", "Sakura", "Kodama" and "Tsubame" services will be displayed. Please check this option when reserving special "Kodama" fares; namely, the "Hayatoku-Green KODAMA", or the "Hayatoku-Family KODAMA".

Ref. 1:Setting Details (specify by train)

specify by train
  • Select "By train" on the "Train Search" screen.
  • Specify boarding date, boarding and disembarking stations, transit stations (optional), type of train, train number, number of passengers, and Smoking/near a smoking room and tap "Search."


c. Specifying type of train and train number:
A screen appears with options for the boarding station, train type and train number; please select your preferred type of train ("Nozomi", "Hikari", "Kodama" etc.) and the train number.

Specifying type of train and train number

Ref. 2: Non-reserved Seats (Non-reserved seat quick reservation)

specify by train
  • Select "Non-reserved seat" on the "Train Search" screen.
  • Specify your boarding date, boarding and disembarking stations, and number of passengers and tap "Search." After that you will be taken straight to the confirmation screen.

4. Select the train

Select the train

Look at the list of potential seat availability and tap your preferred train to select.

  • If you are booking a non-reserved seat, please select a train at random. (When booking a non-reserved seat, you can use a non-reserved seat for the selected section on any train on your boarding date.)


d. Seat availability indicators:
「○」 ・・・ seats available
「△」 ・・・ limited availability
「×」 ・・・ fully booked

e. Marked as "Discount":
If a special "Hayatoku" advance ticket has been set for the service, the word "Discount" will be displayed in orange in the obliquely upper right section of the relevant train.

  • During night time in Japan (11:30 pm - 05:30 am the following day), it is not shown. It may not be shown during busy time, either; i.e. when usage is concentrated, such as the start date (one month in advance) for reservations for the New Year holidays etc.

5. Select fare

Select fare

Select your preferred fare and facility options and tap "Next".

6. Select a seat

Select a seat

You can select your preferred option such as a window seat, aisle seat, etc. Once you have made your selection, tap "Next". To return to the previous screen, tap "<".

  • To select from Seat map:
    From the Seat map, you can choose your preferred carriage and seat. Once your have made your selection, "Next" will take you to the confirmation screen.
Select from Seat map

Ref. 1:Round-trip Reservations

Round-trip Reservations
  • Round-trip discounted fares are shown for those sections that are no less than 601 (operating) kilometers one way.
  • If you chose a round-trip discounted fare, select the boarding date and time for the return stretch (2nd train) of the journey and tap "Search."
    • No changes can be made to the return stretch in terms of the travel section or number of passengers.
  • Once the train and fare options for the return stretch (2nd train) have been selected, you will be taken to the confirmation screen to check the details.

Ref. 2:Double Bookings

Continue to reservation
  • If you try to select a fare that duplicates the details of an existing reservation (in terms of boarding date, boarding time, travel direction, travel section) , then a screen will appear to notify you of the double booking.
  • If you check the reservation and there is no problem, then please tap "Next" to proceed.
    • If you would like to change the reservation, please tap the "<" button to return to the previous screen.

Ref. 3:Using Non-reserved Seats

Using Non-reserved Seats
  • A screen appears notifying you that you will be using a non-reserved seat.
  • If you have no problem using a non-reserved seat, then please tap "Next" to proceed.
    • If you would like to change the reservation, please tap the "<" button to return to the previous screen.

7. Confirmation


If there are no problems with the reservation details, please tap "Purchase."

If you are making a reservation using a credit card that is not registered with a credit card personal authentication service, then you will need to enter the security code (on the back of the card).

Your purchase (payment) will be completed once you tap "Purchase" using these details.

8. Completion


This screen will appear once the reservation has been completed.
If you are reserving your return train, etc., tap "Reserve the opposite direction" and if you are saving the conditions that you used to search a train, tap "Save this search conditions". To go back to the main menu, tap "Top".


f. Boarding Method:
This shows whether or not you can board the train using the IC card for public transportation you hold. If the words "IC unregistered", "Non IC", or "Ticket" etc. are displayed, please pick up your tickets in advance at one of JR Central or JR West's main stations before boarding.

g. How and where to pick up ticket:
This shows how and where to pick up your ticket if you need to do so before boarding the train. Please note that you can only pick up tickets at certain restricted locations.

h. If you want to register an IC card:
You can register a new IC card by selecting "Membership info."

Membership info.

9. List of Reservations

List of Reservations List of Reservations

Once a reservation is complete, it appears in your list. You can check the details by tapping your reservation. This also allows you to proceed to the procedures used to make changes and request refunds.


Viewing your reservations:

i. You can view information on your reservations just by tapping "My Trips" on the main menu.
Your current number of reservations is displayed.

Reservation list