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Receipts & Invoices

I would like to check my purchase history - how can I see them?

You can check the purchase history for past 3 months with the App.

<How to check>
Login to the App and select "Purchase history" from "My Account".

Also, history of reservation change etc. can be confirmed from "Change history" displayed on the history detail screen within "Purchase history" menu.

  • Only purchase history of this Service can be confirmed. Ticket purchase etc. at the station cannot be confirmed.
  • The purchase history or receipt on the reservation completion date cannot be confirmed.
  • Change or refund after ticket pick-up will not be reflected in change history.

I would like a receipt - how can I get one?

We provide the following as evidence that you have used the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen with this Service:

■ "Seat Information" (available in English)
These are issued from the automatic ticket gate when boarding the Shinkansen if you are using a registered IC card.

■ "Sales Slip and Receipt" (available in Japanese only)
A "Sales Slip and Receipt" is issued at the same time as your tickets are picked up.

■ Receipt display service
You can confirm the purchase history and receipt from "Purchase history".

Display period is within 3 months from the next day of the reservation completion date.

You cannot confirm the purchase history or receipt on the reservation completion date.
e.g. When reservation completion date is 6/1, then 6/2 (5:30am JST) to 9/1 (11:30pm JST) can be displayed.

Note that if you require anything other than the forms of evidence listed above, you should apply at a ticket booth at a JR Central or JR West station, or alternatively while on-board the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen (Tokyo - Hakata). In order to issue a receipt at a station ticket booth or on-board a train, you will need either the IC card and the "Seat Information" you used to board, or alternatively your "Sales Slip and Receipt."

Will the name of the issuing company shown on the "Sales Slip and Receipt" and on my credit card details differ depending on the boarding sections used under this Service?

The name of the issuing company will be JR Central for reservations departing from stations located between Tokyo and Kyoto; and JR West for reservations departing from stations located between Shin-Kobe and Hakata.
In addition, reservations with Shin-Osaka as the station of departure will come under JR Central if the train is heading in the Tokyo direction, and under JR West if heading towards Hakata.
Note that for discounted round-trip products, the issuing company is decided as above based on the station of departure for the first stretch of travel.