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Reservations, Changes & Refunds

When do you accept bookings for reservations?

You can make a reservation from 10:00 am one month prior to boarding date, up to 4 minutes before the departure time shown for the train in the timetable for the given boarding date.

  • You can reserve any train 4 minutes prior to its scheduled departure time by pressing the "Purchase" button.
  • The reception times when reservations can be accepted are 5:30 am - 11:30 pm (JST).

Please see here for details.

Can I book for boarding sections other than on the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen?

This Service is only for the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen (between Tokyo and Hakata). Please use a station ticket booth if you want to buy tickets for any other boarding sections.

What is the maximum number of passengers I can make reservations for at the same time?

You can make reservations for between 1 and 6 passengers (total of adults and children) at one time.

  • For the "Hayatoku-Family NOZOMI" and the "Hayatoku-Family KODAMA" the total number (for adults and children) is 2 - 6 passengers.
  • See following QA for details of child reservations.
  • If members are using the Service alone, they can travel on a registered IC card. Otherwise, (i.e. cases where there are two or more passengers, or where children are included; or alternatively cases where there is one passenger who is not the member) please pick up the tickets at a ticket vending machine, etc., with the credit card used for payment (including payment of tickets for the member himself/herself) before you travel.

Can I make a reservation for a child?

  • You can make a reservation for a child. When you are booking reserved seats, please enter the number of children where it says "Number of Persons" on the setting details screen.

    Some Hayatoku products do not have options for "Children".

  • "Adults" and "Children" are classified as follows.

    Adult: 12 years and older*
    Child: 6 years up to (but not including) 12 years*
    Infant: 1 year up to (but not including) 6 years
    Baby: Younger than 1 year

    According to Japan's School Education Act, elementary school children are deemed to be "children" if they are 12 years old or over but less than 13 years old; while children aged 6 years or over but less than 7 years who have yet to enter elementary are deemed to be "infants." The school system differs in each country so schools not subject to Japan's School Education Act, etc. are not classed as "elementary schools."

    For discounted round-trip products, the "child" price is payable for both the outbound and return stretches if a child is 11 years old on the outbound journey and 12 years old on the return journey.

  • "Infants" and "Babies" are free of charge but you will need to buy a "Child" ticket in the following cases:

    When the number of "infants" accompanying a single "adult" or "child" is more than two

    When the "Infant" or "Baby" occupies a reserved seat on his/her own

    When the "Infant" is traveling alone

Can I book a non-reserved seat?

You can easily book a non-reserved seat by tapping "Reserve - Train Search" from the main menu and selecting the "Non-reserved seat" tab at the top.

  • From the "By time" and "By train" tabs you can also select a non-reserved seat from the Product Selection Screen once you have chosen one of the trains.
  • If you are using a discounted return product, please select your train from the "By time"/"By train" tabs and then select a non-reserved seat from the Product Selection Screen.

Can I make a reservation if I am transferring Shinkansen from a Nozomi to a Kodama, etc.?

You can reserve to transfer up to 3 trains. However, you cannot make reservations in the following cases:

  • Cases where there is an interval of 80 minutes or more before the next train transfer.
  • A journey where the "facilities used" include: a Green car on the 1st train; followed by an ordinary car (reserved or unreserved seat) on the 2nd train; followed by a Green car on the 3rd train.
  • A journey where the "trains used" include: "Nozomi" or "Mizuho" for the 1st train; followed by "Hikari", "Kodama", "Sakura", or "Tsubame" for the 2nd train; followed by "Nozomi" or "Mizuho" for the 3rd train.

Please make separate reservations if you intend to exit the ticket gate at the transfer station.

How can I check the details of my reservations?

You can check details such as your seat number, etc., by going to the "Reservation List" in the side menu and selecting the "Details (Change/Refund)" for the reservation you want.

  • These will appear for the whole day, even once you have picked up your tickets, etc., or boarded using an IC card.
  • You can check your reservations 24 hours a day (but changes/refunds cannot be processed from 11:30 pm - 5:30 am the following day (JST))

When is payment taken from my credit card?

Payment is taken from the credit card you have registered with this Service as soon as the reservation/change/or refund is processed.
So please be aware that the date your credit card is used may be different to your actual boarding date.

When I was processing a reservation, the message "Operation failure" appeared after I tapped on the "Purchase" button. What should I do?

If you receive a message that says "Operation failure" after tapping the "Purchase", "Change" or "Refund" button, then there may be a problem with credit card settlement.
We would ask customers to inquire with their credit card company to check the issue.

Can I change my reservations? (Boarding date; boarding section; facilities; seat location, etc.)

You can make as many changes as you like within 3 months of the date of your initial purchase.

  • You can process the change provided that you have not picked up your ticket or entered the ticket gate with an IC card and provided that it is before the scheduled departure time of the train (i.e., the train reserved prior to the change).
  • The payment is settled in YEN and foreign transaction fee etc. accompanying this shall be governed by a contract between the Member and his or her credit card company.
    Note that each time a change is made we take a new payment for the post-change product, and then refund the cost of the pre-change product. Therefore foreign transaction fee prescribed by the credit card company may be charged each time when making a change.
  • Please check the conditions that apply to changes before using this Service, as costs may vary if the boarding date/type of train is different, even though the product, number of passengers, boarding sections, and train facilities may be identical.
  • As a rule, you cannot make changes to the number of passengers or boarding sections for one-way only when using a discounted round-trip product.

Please see here for details.