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Is it possible to buy only Limited Express Tickets with this Service?

All the products in this Service are combinations of Basic Fare Tickets and Limited Express Tickets.

Can passengers other than the member use this Service? Can it be used for two or more passengers?

This Service can also be used by passengers other than the member himself/herself.
When passengers other than the member (i.e., cases where there are two or more passengers, or where children are included; or alternatively cases where there is one passenger who is not the member) are using the Service, please pick up the "tickets" prior to travel at a ticket vending machine, etc., with the credit card used for payment.

Which is cheaper - buying tickets at the station or using this Service?

If you are using a reserved seat, this Service is cheaper than buying it at the station, but if you are using a non-reserved seat then the price is the same as the price at the station. Note that separate fares are required for any conventional lines you use to get to (or from) the Shinkansen station; so, depending on which boarding sections you use, it may be cheaper to make your purchase at the station.